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Draw the shades to close my eyes
I never want to see again
I found the cost of courage high
Sometimes hard to pay
I hear the song the sirens sing
Calling on the shore for me
So sell your soul and try to fly
The tether still remains

And all the finer things they laid upon my table
Smiled as their hooks were slowly sinking in

Another pill I'm to consume
To make me learn to feel again
Is followed by another one
To make me loose the same
God if I could recognize
The things to make me whole again
And draw this air into my lungs
Remember how to breathe

For as the curtain rose I danced as I was able
Felt my deception slowly sinking in

So I turn to you my love
For the solace that is there
And offer any cherished thing
For a slight reprieve
I hoped that you might find me here
And I could learn to smile again
And as a balm for these wounds
Take away the sting

And as the band did play your body I did cradle
I should have known that song would have to end 

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